A New Start

Hello world. We decided to flush our old blog and jump in fresh, coinciding with moving into our new digs. A lot has happened since the last entry, which involved an electric mini (which has since been gutted and reverted back to dino-fuels), and our OBD Gauges. The OBD gauges were put on the back-burner for a number of reasons I also won't go into, but if you're curious, buy me a beer sometime and I'm sure I'll tell you everything you want to know and more.

          I digress. At CravenSpeed we've had some sustained growth that we're uber proud of, which has made us crazy busy, but also forced us to move our facilities for the 5th time since we started this thing up 12 years ago. A quick walk down memory lane...

All the inventory in the garage
Our first place was tiny and no bathroom
The next place was a huge, but we filled it fast.

The next was 5,500sqft and felt yuge!

          Which leads us to the our latest and greatest space, just shy of 10k sqft, which already seems a little on the small side. :) This video pretty well covers the bulk of the move, which was done in about 3 days. Keep in mind that these two perspectives are happening simulaneously.

          As for the office...we were lucky enough to be able to make some pretty drastic changes, not least of which is that our assembly team is no longer refrigerated in the winter and spit-fired in the summer. We had four offices torn out and rewired so that every body gets to experience climate controlled HVAC bliss on a daily basis.

You can still see where the office walls were

Ceiling back in, walls patched, HVAC is go

We cut a hole for a swinging door

Swinging doors just before installation

And the finished product

Similar treatment for office

Power and Ethernet drops for the island

All done. We call it "The Pit"

Re-purposed street sign...

Going up in the lobby

Not too shabby

          So that's that. We're mostly settled in now with all the accouterments of a modern warehouse not in silicon valley. We still do all the same cool stuff we were doing before. We're trying to make the best aftermarket car parts out there and doing our best to back that up with the best customer service around. We utilize 3D printers and crazy expensive CAD/CAM software to make it all happen. And, we've recently been open-sourcing our new designs. So, if you have any feedback, want to contribute, or even want a tour of what we do, let's hear about in the comments.

I leave you with this: always recycle


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